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Verification and Fact Checking Policy - The India Daily

The India Daily requires its correspondents to verify facts for its stories from multiple sources. In case of information obtained from a report or study, the story mentions the name of the report in full and other pertinent details.

In case of source-based information:

In case of some exclusive reports when the reporter has reliable information from a source, we still reach out to the respective individuals or companies for a confirmation. If there is no response from the parties till the time of publishing the story, the same is mentioned clearly in the news article.

Facts in press releases:

The India Daily doesn’t take responsibility for information provided in press releases that have been sent to us by PR agencies. However, in case of a need to rectify or revise information in the same, the editorial team does carry out the necessary changes.

Stories from other websites:

If a news story has appeared on other sites and has attributed its information to credible sources, The India Daily editorial team puts together information provided on that portal but attributes it to media reports.

Authored articles:

The India Daily does publish authored articles on its site but does not take responsibility for facts or opinions mentioned in the same. However, as per the format followed for all such articles the Short Summary of the article mentions the it is a Guest Column. Also, at the bottom of the story we carry a disclaimer saying: The views expressed here are solely those of the authors and do not in any way represent the views of The disclaimer is also prominently displayed in bold and italics font.

Unverified data on other sites:

We do not rely on information provided on other news portals in case the same has not been verified or attributed. If The India Daily finds the information relevant, it carries out independent investigations to verify the same.


The India Daily does publish advertorials on its site. In case of such articles being carried in the Newsletter, we have a system in place to properly tag the same as ‘Marketing Initiative’.
Similarly, when the advertorial is just carried on the site it is published under the specific categories like ‘Brand Talk’ or ‘Marketing’. These articles are edited to comply to The India Daily editorial stylebook but the content is not rewritten or deleted without prior intimation or approval.

In some cases, the article preview is also shared with the clients for approval. All the content, including pictures, used are also provided by the client.