Wednesday April 23rd 2014

Siddarth ’180′ Movie Review

180 Movie Review – 180 Review — 180 Movie Rating — 180 Rating — Siddarth, Priya Anand and Nithya Menon starrer movie, simultaneously made in Telugu and Tamil languages. Popular adfilm maker Jayendra’s first venture on screen.

Cast : Siddharth Narayan, Priya Anand, Nithya Menon, Mouli, Geetha, Lakshmi Ramakrishnan, Thanikala Bharani and Janaki Sabesh
Director : P. Jayendra.
Music: Sharreth.
Producer: SPI Cinemas Pvt. Ltd and Aghal Films banners

180 Movie Story

The story of the movie 180 is all around Siddharth. The movie starts at Kasi where  he appears as a Mano.  He appears as as serious man, but his attitude on death and fear of death changes after he meets a young boy.

He moves close with everyone. On the other hand Vidhya (Nithya Menon), a photo journalist meets Siddharth. Siddharth with the help of Nitya sponsors street children for their education. Nitya will be attracted with Siddharth and proposes him.

But Siddharth moves to Chennai without informing Nitya and stays in a house owned by a couple Murthy (Mouli) and Jayam (Geetha). He gets close with them.

But Nitya meets with an accident. Siddharth takes the responsibility to get her back to health. Meanwhile a flashback reveals that Siddharth is a doctor in San Francisco, USA and was attracted to a fun-loving girl Renu (Priya Anand). They get married. But here is the twist, Siddharth is effected with Cancer and he would die in few months. Siddharth comes to India after learning his situation.

Now, after flashback, Siddharth takes Nitya to USA for treatment. What will happen is rest of the story. What is 180 is the main story.

180 Review

Siddarth has proved that he is good enough to handle tough roles and deliver it with aplomb. He is cool and casual in the first half. Bubbly and charming he is. His romantic escapades are interesting. Nithya Menon, with her girl next-door looks is perfect foil for the role. Prioya Anand plays her role with aplomb.  Sri Charan as Siddharth’s friend deserves a mention. Mouli walks away with aplause for his portrayal. The cast includes Geetha, Lakshmi Ramakrishnan, Thanikala Bharani and Janaki Sabesh.

Cinematography by Balasubramaniam is a big asset for the film which brings out a realistic feel with some innovative angles. Shot with RED digital camera, it gives us a natural feel, right from the titles, every frame looked stunning and picture perfect. Music by Shareth is blissful and goes well with the story. ‘AJ’ and ‘Nee Maatalo’ are quiet good on screen with Siddharth and Priya’s cool romantic visuals. Background music is fine. Dialogues penned by Subha are good in parts.

First Talk: 180 is rich, urbane and stylish movie. The first half of the film keeps you engaged with some interesting moments while the second half is dragging.

180 Movie Rating

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